Wholesale to Premier UK Clients

All your wholesale needs in one place! We supply to selected restaurants, eateries, hotels and catering organisations. Our bespoke service combines tailoring of both product and individual needs and we pride ourselves on the development of our business relationships. Our team of Gelatiere’s (Gelato Chefs) create to order, guaranteeing the freshest product possible using 100% natural ingredients and 100% fresh milk.

At Giovanni’s we regularly update our flavours range to offer seasonal & festive specials throughout the year. We also offer consultancy in all aspects of retailing our gelato.

If you’d like to serve our award-winning gelato at your dessert parlour, café, restaurant or deli, we’ll work with you to supply exactly what your business needs, whether that’s five litre tubs, bespoke flavours or a special range of gluten free and vegan flavours.

Giovanni’s Gelato is suitable for vegetarians and hence suitable for a Halal diet. Our range of alcohol based gelato’s are not suitable, but we take every care to both label products and ensure there is no cross contamination during production.

Please contact our dedicated team on 07787 889345 or email wholesale@giovannisgelato.co.uk. Alternatively please fill in the form below and a member of our wholesale team will be in touch within 48 hours.

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